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Company Philosophy and Mission

Committed to better outcomes for our clients' project teams and to our vision and passion for a secure, sustainable, prosperous and just world for all.

The age where there is only room for those able to overcome their decisions, methods and practices of yesterday and yesterday’s technology, is here. In this fast moving environment, time is the most valuable commodity.


Nothing ‘just happens’ and good, isn’t good enough.  Common themes like global trends, energy shifts, environmental sustainability and 'risk-free' resource security are now more pertinent to all of us.

In perpetually tough economic situations, focus, a great deal of collaborative effort, analysis and highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally safe technologies are essential at the core of every community, as the engines of the economy and health.

  • Do you have a Strategy or are you simply reacting to others?

  • Are you in the danger of lingering at your Project crossroads?

  • Are you seeking the right partner or a special skill-set?

  • Is your Project running out of time and your budget exploding?

  • Take the strain off your team. Enable them to deliver results?

  • Are you overpaying your Bank for foreign Exchange/Transfers?

  • How good are your Social Media ads performing - do you know?

  • Are you an Advertising or PR Executive, seeking budget clarity?

  • You could be wasting 75% of your budget on inefficient ads?

  • How good is your team vs. rival teams and your competitors?

   Your value proposition is awaiting ..

How and why you'd engage with Strategy Inc. to instantly convey its unique know-how, methodology, tools and technology, 

► Call or email us 24/7.  The initial briefing and NDA draft are FREE.
► Ask for our highly-competitive, tiered resource rates.
► Flexible, goals-based, progressive payment plans.
► You could be eligible for our discounted/bulk corporate programs.
► Inquire about our special Government discounts.
► Test our stand-by, ‘Rapid Response’ crises resolution team.
► We also operate in the 18days-ON, 6days-OFF cycle programs.

We lead one of the most prolific periods of innovation.  Nothing less than strategic, fundamental changes in the thinking processes is required for all existing and new projects.  A Paradigm shift indeed, followed by guidance and advice for the right technology selection, installation and whole-of-life support network.

Strategy Inc. are seen as the supreme innovator, creating or re-inventing imaginative solutions for clients with extraordinary efficiency and agility.  As a direct result of a relentless focus on tightly integrating world-class solutions and services, Strategy Inc. is where it all comes together, seamlessly, to bring out the magic.


With shared experiences in a multitude of current projects, Strategy Inc. has also created arguably one of the largest and most comprehensive software, hardware and products suite of ‘plug & play’ universal solutions and tools for conscious clients in need of a quick and smooth technology-transfer, strategic alliance or outcome for issues commonly faced internationally today.


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