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Nicholas Sikiotis
B.S.E.E. M.I.E.E.E (USA)  
Founder and CEO of Strategy Inc. as well as the LUXMANN Group.
Lead political strategist and Government policy advisor.
Aviation Strategist,
CORNEA® range Architect, principal concept designer, inventor.
ICT specialist, Social media Strategist, LED Lighting Designer, Engineer and Manufacturer.

Formal Qualifications / Memberships

Eng. Management Post-Graduate Columbia University, NY, USA, 1976
Member of I.E.E.E. USA

B.S.E.E. Polytechnic / ATOM College, Athens, Greece, 1972

Member of Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia & New Zealand      
Holder of Security License #408839993

Secretary of AHEPA 

Member F1

Professional History

Nick served as the personal advisor and strategist to the late Senator John Button, Australia’s Industry Minister and Deputy Prime Minister on national technology direction, innovation, nationwide ICT Strategy and Security including the ultimate introduction of broadband ADSL in Australia in 1994.  This included accompanying the Deputy Prime

Minister overseas to assist him in establishing JV partnerships with several multinational communication technology pioneers such as NEC, SIEMENS etc.

The aim was to form JVs with these multinationals, secure continuity of their technology and to secure manufacturing of such network equipment in Australia with >45% local Australian content. This was part of the popular ‘Offsets Scheme’ or the ‘Button Plan’.  This initiative was created to avoid duplication of efforts, by lowering/offsetting trade tariffs and reducing established forms of protectionism. The Button Plan involved major changes in industry policy, but it re-organised the Australian ICT and Automotive industries to make them competitive without the need for tariff protections. The beneficiaries of the plan, IBM, Holden, Toyota, Ford and Nissan etc exchanged common parts and kept their local Australian ICT and auto manufacturing industries alive.

In 1993 Nick was nominated and awarded by Senator Button the Australian DesignMark Award for the RAINBOW PC, featuring uniquely advanced coms and energy management. Consequently, Nick was part of the Australian Industry and overseas trade delegations and an integral part of Australia’s International involvement and Partnerships in Europe, CES, CeBIT etc.

Until 1995, 2 years after Senator Button resigned from the Australian Senate whilst he remained active in trade missions as a ‘fellow’ at Monash University, Nick was instrumental in the establishment of the government-backed NEC/Telecom Australia JV, as well as the design, setup and manning of the NEC ADSL network and other equipment manufacturing facility at Waverley Victoria.

Currently Nick is leading the Strategy Inc. expert team on Strategic Social Media (SSM), Patron Engagement and large sporting and entertainment project co-ordination, guidance initiatives for both Government and multinational companies across Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia and Australasia.

By conducting seminars, conferences and privately-run inter-company programs for social media or branding executives and advertisers, Strategy Inc. conveys its unique know-how, methodology and technology able to achieve sub-10c CPCs (Cost Per Click) across popular platforms. Creative and efficient practices that reduce advertising budgets by 75%

Nick has managed teams for Electronic Industry giants like KLOCKNER-MOELLER, SIEMENS and GEC, across 3 continents, Europe, North America and Australia. Original involvement was predominantly in management roles in the Design and Construction of Electrical and Digital Electronic equipment, automation, safety, security and coms for both Nuclear and Conventional Power Plants, Sports Stadia and Port Facilities as well as Energy Management for Buildings and Major Projects.

Instrumental in the design of Grand-Gulf Nuclear Station (Mississippi), Indian Point (New York) and the refurbishing of Three-Mile Island. This experience laid the foundation for his in-depth Energy Management technology portfolio, including specialized thermal energy transfer technology and knowledge of transmission line behaviour which lead to the award-winning RAINBOW PC power-supply thermal design.

Early career Projects:


- University of Riyadh SAUDI ARABIA Motor Controls, Coms

Has been deeply involved in the ICT industry working closely with Microsoft, IBM, NEC and Honeywell during the last 20 years.


In 1998, Nick served as CTO and then CEO of a publicly-listed firm called Zylotech Ltd; Instrumental in network security throughout Australia, he facilitated several high profile alliances in the Telstra “partner” program implementing technology across SE Asia with the likes of Huawei, Ericsson & Nokia. 

- NSW RTA, 325-Camera Traffic Surveillance System
- QANTAS, 11-Airport Digital Surveillance System
- VODAFONE, 25-Call-Centre Digital Surveillance System
- National Gallery of Australia, Surveillance Security

​- 11 SafeCity Projects for a variety of Councils Australiawide

- Remote Digital Media Advertising Project for Channel10

- RMIT University Multi-campus Digital Surveillance

- Olympic Stadium (now ANZ Stadium) Digital Security upgrade

Nick has worked on the foundation and implementation of the successful InTelligent Australia program.   Nick is the Architect of VODAFONE's mobile network security in 25 main locations across Australia and a TELSTRA Partner program-participant for 11 years.

Nick also fostered Telecom Australia’s computerised customer billing and Cardphone payphone manufacturing as well as the technical aspects of the 1992 merger of Telecom and OTC the Overseas Telecommunications Corporation (now all renamed Telstra).


Nick remained involved in the local telecommunication until ADSL entered its major operational changes ie. the Telstra tradename change, Bigpond and the activity of the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee (AVCC) being passed on to AARNet the responsibility to built the Internet in Australia.


He has provided ICT Training and Digital Surveillance Systems and Equipment for QANTAS, the National Art Gallery and RMIT University and consequently he won the Best New Product Award in 2007 from the FPA and stayed with the firm until late 2008.

Drawing from decades of experience & exposure to technologies directly related to LED-based lighting, Nick founded LED product manufacturing and the LUXMANN and CORNEA® Brands. By taking this challenge, he has invested and is now heavily involved and specialised in International Environmental Engineering affairs as they relate to sustained electrical energy savings and practices.

There are numerous factories under his guidance which manufacture a robust selection of LED lights. He oversees 3 Joint Ventures in 2 countries, continually monitoring emerging tech, R&D, concept design, product range, manufacturing and tooling.

Well-versed in International Environmental engineering specs, as they relate to sustained electrical energy savings and practices. He is very proficient at identifying key sectors within a client’s portfolio which would provide the greatest savings and fastest ROI’s. His unique algorithm cost calculations and spreadsheets are used by  Accredited Energy Assessors for Projects as they deliver detailed & transparent cost benefit analysis summaries to the end user.

Recognising the enormous maintenance costs, Governments have to bear in order to maintain conventional public lighting, in September 2011, Nick embarked in the most ambitious and resource intensive program to develop a virtually maintenance-free, ‘fit-for-purpose’ series of flood and street LED lights.  This design effort resulted in the July 2012 release of the CORNEA® Series of unique ‘road-side’, totally-sealed, vandal-proof, extreme weather, lighting products, featuring interchangeable contact-lenses and thus eliminating vulnerable hoods, reflectors and seals.

Significantly, in 2013, Nick was nominated by the ANU’s research team of Dr Shane West ANU Chair for Sustainability and Professor Ken Baldwin Director of the ANU Energy Change Institute (ECI) and invited by Ian Macfarlane Australia’s Federal Minister for Industry to be a member of the Federal Government’s ‘Direct Action’ national street lighting project LED Industry Development committee.

In November 2013, being the lead member of that committee, Nicholas Sikiotis was asked to prepare a Confidential Street Lighting Report, which, among other LUXMANN CORNEA® documents, has been used as the ‘core reference’ on existing and replacement strategies to be adopted by the Australian Federal Government.


Acting on the committee’s ‘LED Industry Development Brief’, recent projects designed and overseen by Nicholas Sikiotis:

– Canberra ACT - Australian Institute of Sport

– Mackay Queensland – DBCT Coal Handling and Ship loading Plant
– Melbourne VIC – Rod Laver & Hisense Sports Arena refurbishment
– Melbourne VIC – CROWN Casino lighting contracts
– Darwin NT – SKYCITY Casino external lighting contracts
– Darwin NT – Darwin Convention Centre LED upgrade

The LED lights used in all these projects incorporate the most technologically advanced design and development concepts available in the world today, spread from Dubai to MANINGRIDA, the Northern-most community in Australia.

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