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Efficiency conscious
Multinationals, State, Local and Federal Governments have entrusted their key Projects and decision making processes to a Think Tank which made the difference.





Strategy Inc. competency is evident from the following proof of experience.  Strategy Inc. and its Hardware and Software affiliates have a proven ability to work collaboratively with Governments at Council, State or Federal levels in the delivery of Smart City services to the community.  Our association with LUXMANN as the manufacturer of the LED Products and Services being part of  project deliverables, can demonstrate prompt project completion.

Strategy Inc. is always in partnership with manufacturers, not vendors. Being committed to Sustained Energy management, Councils and State instrumentalities as direct customers, have an unprecedented level of engineering and technical support, warranties and access, direct purchasing power and preferential pricing.

- Ian B. Clarke - Property Manager
“ LED Lighting across the entire stadium, the range or uniformity, hardly altered. This exceeds the International Tennis & Basketball court requirements. I believe that glare is almost non-existent.

This is to reduce electricity costs for general College use & increase longevity.  This also gives flexibility & light control for all events. Heat output will also be reduced (important when at the top of the Grandstand on a 40 degree day). 

This now gives Alice Springs a stadium with lighting to the highest International standard.”
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