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STOP wasteful Ads instantly. Save 75% of your money.

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

Real-time performance-score and evaluation SSM software for Facebook or Twitter Ad campaigns and postings.

Contact us now and get your FREE Strategic Social Media (SSM) modelling, assessment and score for your 10 most recent campaigns. Yes, absolutely FREE!

  • STOP wasting 75% of your money on inefficient Ads & postings?

  • Are you wasting valuable time evaluating Social Media performance?

  • How good are your Social Media ads performing - do you Really know?

  • Are you a Senior Advertising or PR Executive seeking budget clarity?

  • Gauge the impact and ROI of your ads and postings in Real Time?

  • Are you able to achieve less than 10c cost-per-click (CPC) on your ads?

  • Are you able to achieve more than 5% Clicks over Reach from your ads?

  • Do you find the so called ‘Analytics’ handed to you, more confusing?

  • Are you tired of having to decipher senseless CSV XL spreadsheets?

  • How good is your team compared to rival teams and your competitors?

  • Which Social Media platform works best for you and is cost-effective?

If you are an executive team-leader and you agree with any of the above, a Strategy Inc. review, assessment and ‘solutions-to-go’ are the answer. Our thought leadership initiatives are all about sharing our expertise and helping others with high quality knowledge and resources in each industry.

Strategy Inc. has been at the forefront of Strategic Social Media (SSM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Modelling and Patron Engagement. The tools and services offered by us simplify and optimise your real-time ad evaluation process as well as guide Marketers, Recruiters, Advertisers, Media/PR and other Government and multinational companies across Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia and Australasia on Social Media efficiency.

Strategy Inc. has ported years of mathematical and behavioral algorithms together with simple graphic representations from a 40-year major project and energy efficiency experience, across to the Social Media environment. Our Award-winning Design 'Bar-representation-simplicity' dynamically expresses complex formulas to you in an instant.

This all new Strategic Social Media (SSM) modelling service is now available for you to try for FREE. For a limited time, you can email through to us on your Facebook or Twitter campaign data (‘Reach/Impressions’, ‘Clicks' and 'Engagement’ data and your campaign spend) of your 10 most recent ad campaigns and you will receive a Graphical assessment report and overall SSM score, absolutely FREE.

We conduct seminars, conferences and privately-run corporate programs in social media for brand executives and advertisers, which convey our unique know-how, methodology and technology able to achieve less than 10c cost-per-click (CPC) and more than 5% Click over Reach across popular platforms. This entails using creative and efficient Real-Time practices able to reduce advertising budgets by 75% as well as give you back your valuable time. Our modelling also works on free postings, offering you vital efficiency clues on text selection and hash-tagging.

Ranging from corporations to government, Social Media is now a critical part of the way people in most walks of life communicate and a key part of how work gets done.

Facebook is the most prolific ICT application, ever. It is also the most important social network for marketers by a long shot!

Tactics and engagement are the top areas marketers want to master. At least 90% of marketers want to know the most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media.

The so called export ‘Analytics’ offered by the likes of Facebook and Twitter are nothing but a bunch of CSV or XL spreadsheets filled with data from your ad campaigns which are traditionally passed-on to you by your team. You then, must waste time deciphering them in order to make some sense on your ROI. Without a Real-Time graphic comparative appraisal of that data, the common result is that 75% of one’s advertising cash gets drained on unproductive campaigns that ‘got away’, time and again.

Research and analysis undertaken by Strategy Inc. shows that, if not for the advent of Social Media, unemployment in developed economies would have been double that of the current OECD average of 5.6%.

Mobile Networks are the engine of social media. Consequently, the number of social network users is currently above 2.5bn and expected to surpass 3bn by 2020. It is evident that countries benefiting from increased Social Media activity, modern, cheaper and better communications and easier Internet access in terms of costs and speeds, enjoy consistently and exceptionally low, better than average unemployment.

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