CORNEA® sets the right mood for Danny Green – Hisense Arena

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Hisense Arena came alive on 19/8/2015 when Danny Green took on Argentina's Roberto Bolonti on his long awaited return to title boxing and emerged victorious after 10 rounds from his first fight in nearly 3 years. Outside, both Danny and the crowd were set in the appropriate 'Green' mood, inspired and dazzled by the Strategy Inc. - LUXMANN all-new RGB CORNEA® Technology. CORNEA® is able to produce 16 million, DMX-instantly-variable colours, to dynamically enrich and enhance any venue's mood and appearance.

Recently, Hisense Arena has gone through a 'fan-engagement' transformation using all LUXMANN Tier1, CORNEA® Technology and CrystalFlex® fittings with attention to quality and spatial details, designed by Melbourne's Mc Cabe Architects and Strategy Inc.

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