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CROWN’s Soldier Towers awake to add to Melbourne’s colourful spectacle

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Melbourne’s CROWN Casino Southbank precinct has come alive again as part of the refurbishment of the Casino Complex Soldier Towers. These 15 gigantic and imposing ‘Soldier Tower’ structures, together with their impressive flame beams below them, are the most visible objects from anywhere in the Melbourne CBD and have become again the distinguishing and entertainment feature of all late-afternoon and evening corporate executives. They are the most photographed landmarks by thousands of Melbourne’s evening visitors.

As part of the ongoing Casino precinct refurbishment, both the inside and outside of the Casino complex is now displaying seasonal or occasional colours, adding to the romance of the precinct.

The Strategy Inc. engineered, totally-wireless technology, used at Crown, ensures absolutely minimal interference to the building structures, in a location as attractive as the Southbank Waterfront and ensures Crown continues to perform well in the highly-competitive entertainment market whilst allowing locals and visitors to enjoy the building as a spectacular backdrop to the Melbourne night skyline.

“Patron engagement using LED lighting with programmable themes for all events is now common for revitalising sports and entertainment venues. LUXMANN’s latest breathtaking technology highlights building features using creative themes, programmable to events & special activities. Operators dynamically flash sporting team colours, promote corporate sponsor colours and enhance buildings and function areas using seasonal themes”
Mr. Patrick Bernau – National Projects Manager of LUXMANN, a Strategy Inc. Company.

“Whether it is wireless, wired or iPhone driven, the opportunity to draw and energize your patronage or raise the spirit of the home team supporters, the LUXMANN Technology is now affordable and at your fingertips” added Mr. Bernau.

As a result, LUXMANN was nominated for the Crown Group’s Innovation and Collaboration Award as well as the Environmental Sustainability Award.

Across the USA and Europe, venue and facility operators are realizing the commercial benefits and grab the opportunity of instantly transforming traditionally 'dead' spaces into 'alive' entertainment areas of excitement. Retail, Entertainment, Sporting, Monuments and Commercial Building facilities are all now able to accent their exterior and interior space with LUXMANN's automated 16-Million colour mood lighting system.

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