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New invention brings cheaper lighting for everyone.

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

CORNEA®, is a real Breakthrough in LED Technology and glare control.

Research shows that 40% wasted light energy is evident in street lighting applications, into areas where light is not needed, nor wanted, glaring into residential property, into the eyes of drivers and onto security cameras.

Ample and well directed light is the agent that you need most in your life. Walking through suburban streets or pedestrian crossings at night, you can’t help wondering why somebody hasn’t yet invented lights with more precise light beams, focused on footpaths and onto the streets, to compensate for and cover all the dark spots between distant light poles.

It is commonly recognised that well-designed, maintained and managed modern public lighting systems, offer a safe, secure and attractive visual environment for pedestrians and drivers and boost tourism and trade during times of inadequate natural light.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. If humans can wear contact lenses, why can’t LED lights wear them as well?

CORNEA® is the result of just that and named accordingly.

When LUXMANN created CORNEA® they didn’t want to just make a new light; they wanted to make a much better light.

In order to stop wasting valuable light, LUXMANN designed, from the ground-up, a glare-free street and flood series of lights using glass contact lenses instead of traditional reflectors. This unique approach inspired by nature’s design of the eye of the tree-frog, has enabled LUXMANN to shape contact lenses to generate single or twin-beams of light from a single LED source. As the tree-frog does dynamically, CORNEA® lights can direct and focus light where it is needed for each application and situation, by using different beam-angle and pattern field-interchangeable lenses.

More significantly, in pedestrian-crossings and footpath applications it is essential to precisely control the width and length of light beams and to direct light where it is actually needed and away from where it is not, with greater efficiency. Only products such as CORNEA® which incorporate field-interchangeable contact lenses can offer such precision optical control and application flexibility.

By also getting rid of the easy-to- corrode reflectors and unnecessary hoods and gaskets, CORNEA® lights are thinner, lighter and more compact than any of the equivalent luminosity street or flood lights. It took an incredible collaborative effort and mathematical guidance from the Pantheon of Ancient Rome to achieve equal illumination of space from a sole source without using reflectors.

Apart from providing better quality, sustainable LED lighting, the ‘fit-for-purpose’ CORNEA® design features alone (detailed below) dramatically cut down wasted light as well as:

  • Reduce the quantity of lights needed on streets, parks and public places

  • Dramatically reduce the types and varieties of lights needed by Councils

  • Improve the quality, amenity and efficiency of public lighting within a city

  • Ensure streets have an attractive visual environment and civic appearance

  • Improve safety, security, crime and surveillance of streets and public spaces

  • Capture long term financial benefits through reduced energy consumption

  • Reduce greenhouse footprint and stimulate Night Time Economy

CORNEA® needed to have the best water and particle resistance possible. So LUXMANN created a completely and totally sealed design (rated IP65/IP67). This enables use of the CORNEA® Series in the most demanding and harshest applications such as mining sites, cement plants, steel mills and coal-firing power generating plants. CORNEA® products are basically self-cleaning as rain water runs through the shell.

The body is solid, die-cast powder-coated, rust-proof, wind-resistant aluminium in

honeycomb design. It is created and certified to resist road-side vibration and to provide superb heat dissipation, a clear distinction between CORNEA® and other products on the market. The hardened, vandal-proof, glass lenses are stronger and more durable than traditional PVC plastic materials.

“We don’t think this level of invention has ever been matched by any other lighting product”.

The seamless integration between hardware, optics and electronics, makes everything you do with CORNEA® just feel more solid, yet lightweight and dependable.

The precision 120° (120° x 75°) and 150° (150° x 75°) Twin-beam lenses are great for street lighting, providing much higher levels of evenly spread light both along the footpath and on the street itself. The classic 45°, 60° or 90° Single-beam lenses are great for external flood or wall-washing applications.

The optics and the Universal (85-277VAC, 50-60Hz) Climatic-adaptive drivers are matched to the housing through a highly sophisticated process. We believe that going to such extreme lengths is the only way that anyone can deliver this level of quality.

To create the new CORNEA®, LUXMANN began with a design that they really loved, but to implement it, LUXMANN had to look way beyond what they knew to be possible. It took all of their learning and their best thinking, to realise something so simple, so clear and yet so truly extraordinary.

As the majority of Arterial Roads and Highways are currently fitted with High Pressure Sodium lamps (HPS) to provide better visibility during periods of fog, in order to maintain the exact visual appearance, CORNEA® luminaires are available in ‘turtle-friendly’ (589nm) AMBER colour (2350K colour temperature). In addition, they are Smart-City compliant and Solar-Power-ready for an instant path towards a partially or totally solar-driven system.

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