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Formal Education and Degree

Mid-Europe based and allied to the Mediterranean basin. Specialist network  legal expert in architectural and property management matters.  Oversees new development Projects in Austria, Italy, Greece and the Balkans.
CEO of the Mediterranean based Summer Academy (SOAK) Europe's leading project for creativity and art tourism.
President of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator Society 

Professional Career

Dr. Wolfgang Löhnert
LL - Löhnert Law - Lawyer   

Magistrate Doctor of Law - University of Vienna

As a corporate lawyer, Wolfgang represents and provides legal services and networks for well-known Austrian architects in syndicated Projects abroad, throughout Middle and Southern Europe, especially in the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia) and also for leading Italian architects with development projects in Austria and other parts of the Mediterranean.


His responsibilities range from contract negotiations, project management and monitoring, issues  and activities relating to liability matters in cases of planning errors both in court and judicially.

Wolfgang is the Strategy Inc. European link and advisor to construction companies based worldwide, including Japan, carrying out major projects in Middle and Southern Europe.


International clients wanting to develop a construction project in Europe, can be referred to our partner construction companies and high-caliber planners of hospitals, hotel complexes and private universities.  Our partners have won numerous EU-wide competitions and awards (including German Light-Award 2014 in three categories and in 2016 for the Park Hyatt in Vienna). 


Wolfgang's momentous efforts in the establishment and building of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator Society, is equaled by his care for the legacy of the most significant researcher of the Mediterranean basin. He is experienced in digitizing old valuable books and in providing advice for historical film productions. Former organizer and director of one of the biggest summer theatre festivals in Austria.


Wolfgang is a cross-thinking and flexible organizer, who excels in putting together and managing teams for our challenging and tailor-made client solutions.


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